We have a wide variety of  Hot & Spicy Peppers including:

Basket of Fire, Black Pearl Cayenne Long Slim, Chichen Itza, Early Jalapeno Habanero, Hot Black Hungarian, Hot Bulgarian Carrot, Hot Hungarian Wax, Jalapeno, Jalapeno Tam Mild, Ring of Fire, Thai Volcano

Basket of Fire

Compact branching chili that has a very attractive habit producing a heavy crop of 2-3inch creamy colored peppers which mature through yellow and orange to bright red all over the plant. measuring 80,000SHU (Scoville heat units) which is a little less than a habanero type. The unique habit of Basket of Fire makes it a superb choice for hanging baskets as well as pots and containers.

Black Pearl

Dramatic dark laves are green when first emerging. Fruit is rounded and matures from black to dark red. Quite hot, ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 Shu.

Cayenne Long Slim

Slender, long peppers turn bright-red and are very hot. The 2-feet tall plants are vigorous and productive. Very hot fruits 5″ long and 1/2″ thick. Use fresh or dried for winter use. Harvest starts about 75 days after plants are set out. Rates 45,000 SHU (Scoville units)

Chichen Itza

Fiery orange habaneros mature early from green to orange. Handle with care, as this chili-style heat- producer rates up to 180,000 SHU!

Early Jalapeno

Nice, upright bush produces dull white flowers maturing to a thick-walled jalapeno-style pepper. 2,500-8,000 SHU


Spicy hot, Little lime-green peppers which ripen to red. Big plants that need lots of heat to mature, but worth the wait! (100,000 SHU)

Hot Black Hungarian

Stunning, colorful fruit matured through a shiny black to finish fire engine red. Beautiful plants bear dark green foliage and dark purple flowers. Mild heat at 2,500 SHU and great flavor.

Hot Bulgarian Carrot

Attractive, quick to mature peppers with nice heat on fruit maturing to a nice orange color. 12,000 to 30,000 Shu

Hot Hungarian Wax

Bright yellow, smooth, and waxy, this gem has a spicy heat to it. Does well in Lethbridge summers. Matures in 58-85 days. (15,000 SHU)


Pungent and hot (up to 10,000 SHU) Thick-walled green peppers. 60-90cm (24-36′′) plants

Jalapeno Tam Mild

A very tasty mild Jalapeño type, with the same delicious Jalapeño flavor, but a lot less heat. (around 2,500 SHU)

Ring of Fire

4″ fruit explodes in flavor. Plant has beautiful dark green foliage loaded with glossy red cayenne-style peppers rating 70,000 to 80,000 SHU.

Thai Volcano

Compact, sturdy plant with bright red clusters of upright pale green peppers maturing to bright red. Very hot, with Sackville rating up to 150,000.

We have a wide variety of  Sweet Peppers including:

Better Belle, Big Bertha, Cajun Belle, California Golden Wonder, California Wonder Bell, Golden Bell, Mama Mia Giallo, Orange King Bell, Red Bell, Sweet Banana, Sweet Salsa, Yolo Wonder

Better Belle

Vigorous, fast grower perfect for patio pots. Better Belles are ready to harvest earlier than other varieties, producing tasty, thick-walled fruit as big as 5 in. (13 cm) across.

Big Bertha

The largest elongated bell pepper available! Thick-walled, 7-inch long fruit ripens to red. Big plant, so use a tomato cage or stakes to support because when the stems get heavy with big fruit, they can break in wind or rain.

Cajun Belle

Sweet flavor that finishes with a mild heat! Prolific plant produces 3-in. long peppers which transition from green to scarlet to deep red. Plants do well in both containers and in the garden. Great as a stuffing pepper, or enjoy them fresh sliced to add an intense spicy sweet flavor to salads.

California Golden Wonder

Smooth, blocky and blunt-ended 5″ x 4″ fruits are thick-walled, very sweet and mild. Maturing from light-green to golden-yellow, the peppers grow on 22-26″ sturdy, upright plants that set continuously. Harvest in 62-73 days from transplant.

California Wonder Bell

4-lobed, sweet bell with nice, thick walls. Green fruit that can be coaxed to red with enough heat.

Golden Bell

Picture perfect 3′′ bell peppers ripen from green to light yellow to deep, rich golden yellow. Sweet, blocky, thick-walled fruits are excellent for salads, stuffing or slicing!

Mama Mia Giallo

Italian Sweet Pepper with bright golden-yellow skin, heavy yields of long, tapered peppers, a compact habit, great disease resistance, and early maturity.

Orange King Bell

Sweet, prolific producer on sturdy, solid bushes. Fruit is blocky, thick walled and three – four lobed. Brilliant orange at full maturity.

Red Bell

Red Bell Pepper is loved for its sweet, juicy flavor and bright red color. Red peppers are delicious stuffed, grilled, or in salads.

Sweet Banana

Sweet Banana Peppers are sweet, mild peppers with a banana-like shape. This high-yielding variety will produce up to 30 pods per plant.

Sweet Salsa

Also known as Lipstick Pepper or Spanish Cherry, this pimento-style pepper is great for roasting, pickling, salads or salsas.

Yolo Wonder

Sweet, resistant variety great for baking, stuffing or salads.

We have a wide variety of  Tomatoes including:

Tumbler, Tumbling Tom Red, Bush Beefsteak Celebrity, Fantastico Mountain Merit, Mountain Pride Patio, Roma, Tiny Tim, Bush Early Girl, Amish Paste, Beefmaster, Beefsteak, Better Boy, Big Beef, Brandywine Red, Champion II, Cherokee Purple, Early Girl, Juliet, Lemon Boy, San Marzano, Sugar Rush, Sun Sugar, Sweet Gold, Sweet Millions, Ultra Boy II, Ultra Sweet, Sugary, Ketchup and Fries

Determinate varieties are also known as “bush”.


Compact Determinate (cascading)

48 days. Great yield with up to six pounds of cherry-style fruit up to 1.5 inches large. Super tasty snacking variety to keep close to your lounging area!

Tumbling Tom Red

Compact Determinate (cascading)

Cascades of sweet, juicy, cherry tomatoes. Compact trailing habit with heavy yields of bright red fruit. Starts 65 days and goes all season!

Bush Beefsteak


62 days. Compact, bushy plant with large clusters of 8 oz fruit. Great producer.



Vines bear clusters of large tomatoes that are prized for their flavor. Sometimes considered a semi-determinate tomato plant, because it grows to a certain height (3 to 4 feet) but continues to produce large, 8oz, meaty fruit all



Grape-style (mini-plum) tomato does well in baskets or hangers. Super sweet fruits grow on compact, 15″ plants which hang with abundant fruit.

Mountain Merit


Giant, concentrated set of medium-large red tomatoes around 75 days from transplant time. Perfect for slicing in sandwiches and burgers — meaty and

Mountain Pride


The first in the Mountain series, with large fruits that are crack resistant,



Boriendtefdoracnodngtraeineenrshaonudldsemreadll.gardens, stout stems bear 3 to 4 oz fruit with little staking needed (although all plants can use a hand in the wind).



The standard for paste tomatoes, Roma produces a large harvest of thick- walled, egg-shaped bright red fruit with few seeds. Thick flesh makes slicing

Tiny Tim


60 days. Compact plant produces masses of juicy, cherry-style tomatoes up to 1″ big. Dwarf plant (maximum 12″) is great for small spaces.

Bush Early Girl


Determinate hybrid of the original Early Girl. Forms strong bushes great for containers. Extra large, extra early, 4″ fruit.

Determinate varieties are also known as “bush”.

Indeterminate will keep growing and typically are better producers but must be staked or caged regularly.


Amish Paste


Roma style. Vines continuously produce small clusters of large (up to 8 oz.) deep red fruit that are nearly seedless.



A bigger-than-life variety you will admire and enjoy. 80-days, mouth-watering giant red tomato, routinely produces pound-sized fruit



Large, juicy tomatoes perfect for eating fresh from the harvest. Beefsteaks are

Better Boy


tHyipgihcaylileyldwsidoefstmomooatohesskinned, largefruit.Excellentclassictomatoflavorwith just the right balance of acid and sugar. This is a great slicing tomato.

Big Beef


Nice, early variety will set fruit reliably. A large, beefsteak-type tomato that is delicious, early to bear, and highly disease resistant.

Brandywine Red


Flavorful but not acidic, it is a large-lobed, beefsteak-shaped tomato with a thin, pinkish-red skin. Very vigorous. Best if staked, caged, or trellised. Perfect

Champion II


High yields of meaty, 6 to 7 oz. fruits.

Cherokee Purple


Heirloom variety. Dusky pink tomato with deep, rich-red interior. Rich, dark color and unmatched sweet, rich taste for sandwiches or salads

Early Girl


One of the earliest indeterminate varieties. All-round good tomato for slicing,



sPalulamdsstoyrlem. clusters of juicy, red 28g (1oz) elongated plum tomatoes. Glossy-skinned fruits drape along vigorous vines, and crack much less than

Lemon Boy


Deep globe fruit is slightly tangy with low acid, but also sweet and mild, meaty, and smooth — perfect for slicing. Lemon color adds visual interest to the

San Marzano


Italian variety producing plum-type fruits ideal for canning. Heavy walls, very

Sugar Rush


Oenwesoefetdhseasnwdeleittelestjuviacreie. ties available! Fast maturing plant produces all season, right from 55 days! Ideal for canning or fresh, crunchy snacks.

Sun Sugar


75 days. Although a “yellow cherry”, these gems are orange when fully ripe

Sweet Gold


60itdhasyms.aGllr1e/a2t toas1t”e farnudit.great color with round, golden yellow fruit which reach a large-cherry (1″) size. Good crack tolerance.

Sweet Millions


60-62 days. Cherry-type tomato with average fruit of 1″. Masses of red cherry tomatoes on long trusses mature early and deliver amazing yields. Extremely vigorous needs lots of support. Pruning may be required in smaller areas.

Ultra Boy II


68 Days, Early, deep globe, 14 0z fruit. Very firm, dark red tomato with excellent flavor. Tends to have a slight green shoulder.

Ultra Sweet


62 days. First early medium sized beefsteak type with 10 oz/280 g firm, bright red fruit. Interior color develops quickly.



60-65 days, Sweet, pink, grape tomatoes with prolific yields and huge clusters of fruit all season long. Enjoy big beautiful bunches of shiny pink grape

Ketchup and Fries

Tomato/potato grafted combination. Tomatoes are members of the potato family and are therefore naturally compatible with potatoes. Each Ketchup ‘n Fries plant is hand-grafted to create this unique double cropping novelty. There


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