Today’s designer plant of choice (even featured in BHG) succulents are entering the stage in a big way. Drought friendly, requiring sparse watering and little to no pruning, they epitomize low maintenance. Virtually pest free, these little suckers are excellent outdoors in arid, sandy beds, or funky, trendy pots. There’s no reason to say goodbye at the end of the season; many succulents overwinter indoors quite happily. Just remember to ease them back into the outdoor lighting.

Try a few companion plants to succulents in your containers, like licorice plant, straw flower, gazania, or portulaca!

We pride ourselves on maintaining the largest selection of succulents in Southern Alberta. Check back often to see what’s currently at the Garden Centre.

*This list represents our succulents for the 2018 season. Items in bold text are currently at Country Blooms.

Aeonium “Kiwi”
Aeonium “Pinwheel”
Aeonium Arboreum “Zwartkop”
Agave “Franzosinii”
Agave “Kissho Kan” “Lucky Crown Century Plant”
Agave “Squid”
Agave “Thread Leaf”
Agave Variegated Fox Tail
Aloe “Crosby’s Prolific”
Aloe Vera
Aptenia Cordifolia “Heartleaf Ice Plant”, “Baby Sunrose”
Beaucarnea Recurvata “Ponytail Palm” “Elephant foot”
Bryophyllum Daigremontianum “Mexican Hat”
Crassula “Campfire”
Crassula “Jade Plant”
Crassula “Princess Pine”
Crassula “Springtime”
Crassula Ovata “Baby Jade”
Crassula Ovata “Hobbit Jade”
Crassula Ovata “Variegated Jade Plant”
Crassula Perforata “Variegated String of Buttons”
Crassula Radicans “Large Red Carpet Stone Crop”
Cyanotis Somaliensis “Kitten Ears”
Dorotheantheus Bellidiformis “Livingstone Daisy”, “Ice Plant”
Dymondia “Ypres Silver Carpet”

Echeveria “Black Prince”
Echeveria Graptoveria “Fred Ives”, “Perle Von Nurnberg”
Echeveria Nodulosa “Painted Echeveria”
Echeveria Rosea
Echeveria Runyonii “Topsy Turvy”
Echeveria Setosa “Firecracker”
Euphorbia Milii “Crown of Thorns”
Euphorbia Tirucalli “Sticks of Fire”
Graptopetalum Pentandrum
Graptosedum “Darley Sunshine”
Graptosedum “Vera Higgins”
Kalanchoe Beharensis “Fang”
Kalanchoe Gastonis-Bonnieri “Donkey Ears”
Kalanchoe Orgyalis ”Copper Spoons”
Kalanchoe Pumilla “Silver Gray”
Kalanchoe Tomentosa “Ling Ling”, “Panda Plant”
Kleinia Mandraliscae “Blue Chalk”
Lampranthus Aureus Ice Plant “Pink”
Lampranthuus Aureus Ice Plant “Orange”
Orostachys “Chinese Dunce Cap”
Portulacaria Afra “Elephant Bush”

Sansivieria Trifeasciata “Snake Plant “, “Mother in Law’s Tongue”
Schlumbergera “Christmas Cactus”
Sedeveria “Sorento”
Sedeveria Hummelii
Sedum “Firecracker”
Sedum “Golden Glow Stonecrop”
Sedum “Lemon Belle”
Sedum “Little Missy”
Sedum Album “Coral Carpet”
Sedum Cauticola “Lidakense”
Sedum Clavatum
Sedum Clavatum “Aurora Blue”
Sedum Hakonense “Chocolate Ball”
Sedum Lineare
Sedum Makinoi
Sedum Makinoi “Ogon”, “Golden Japanese Stonecrop”
Sedum Mexicanum “Lemon Coral”
Sedum Nussbaumerianum “Coppertone Stonecrop”
Sedum Rupestre “Angelina”
Sedum Spectabile “Elsie’s Gold”
Sedum Spurium “Dragons Blood”
Sedum Spurium “Tricolor”
Sedum Spurium “Voodoo”
Sedum Sunsparkler “Dazzleberry”
Sedum Sunsparkler “Lime Zinger”
Sedum Tetractinum “Coral Reef”
Sedum Variegatum

Sempervivum Hen and Chicks “Cobweb Buttons”
Sempervivum Hen and Chicks “Red Beauty”
Sempervivum Hen and Chicks “Red Cobweb”
Sempervivum Hens and Chicks “Kalinda” Senecio “String of Pearls”
Senecio Confusus “Orange Flame”
Senecio Jacobsenii “Trailing Jade”