Roses & Shrubs

Roses & Shrubs

Hardy shrub roses are designed to last on the prairies, whereas Hybrid Tea Roses are grown for large, “flower shop” type blooms with rich, aromatic scents. Tea roses, which have a delicate rose plant grafted onto a hardy root stock, need tender care to ensure the graft (where the two plants are joined) is protected. If you have the time and care to put into it, these delights will impress you with their show and scent. For a hardier, more care-free rose try the hardy shrub roses, which are grown on their own root, and require no more specific care than most shrubs in your garden. Just to make things even more confusing, we also carry carpet roses, which are a hardy rose with a ground-cover growth habit, and climbing roses, which do wonders along trellises and gates in bright sunny spaces.

Most roses bloom heavily in June, with intermittent re-blooming throughout the remainder of the season. Check out specific varieties to see when they will be at their best for you.

All our roses are priced at $24.95 and include a one-year warranty (shrub and hardy climbers)

Roses with Bold are current for 2017’s season!

Hybrid Tea Roses

Warranty for 2017 growing season

Big Purple
Black Baccara
Brothers Grimm
Cherry Lady
Chicago Peace
Climbing Westerland
Double Delight
Double Knock Out
Esmeralda (Keepsake)
Fragrant Memory
Grande Amore
John F. Kennedy
Just Joey
Lady Di
Lady Elsie May
Lion’s Fairy Tale
Love and Peace
Midas Touch
Paradise Peace
Pink Knock Out
Pink Peace
Prince Charles
Queen Elizabeth
Red Peace
Royal Kate
Royal William
Summer Sun
Sunny Daze
Sunny Knock Out

Wedding Bells

Prairie Hardy

One year warranty

Morden Amorette
Morden Cardinette
Morden Centennial
Morden Fireglow
Morden Sunrise
Never Alone
Scarlet Meidland
Winnipeg Park

Carpets and Climbers
Prairie Hardy Roses

One year warranty

Flower Carpet Yellow
Flower Carpet Scarlet
Flower Carpet Pink
Supreme Henry Kelsey (Climber)
John Davis (Climber)