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Country Blooms Garden Centre

Who is County Blooms?

My name is Erich Dyck, owner of Country Blooms Garden Centre. I graduated in 1980 from Olds College with a Horticulture Degree specializing in Greenhouse and Landscape Management. I operated Dyck’s Greenhouse for 22 years providing quality bedding out plants and perennials to Southern Alberta. Over the years, I have honed my vision of what a small, destination Garden Centre ought to be. After years of planning we were able to coax Country Blooms to life in 2007. It has been my lifelong goal to supply an environment where quality, healthy plants can thrive and I’m proud to say that we are my dream!
Added to my knowledge, skill and experience are a wonderful, knowledgeable staff. We care about our plants and our customers. Service is a key element in the success of any business and we strive to provide the finest quality products, best service, and widest selection possible.

Quality Design, Quality Products

We endeavor to create moments for you, our customer. We understand that you value quality, and we stock only the finest products available to us. Our selections are unique, and can accentuate your living space – indoor or out – with the perfect complement to your specific style. Classical, whimsical, contemporary or eclectic, your space will embody your personality with our amazing selection of décor and accents.  From concrete fountains and outdoor ceramics to whimsical door mats or linens, our décor is sure to satisfy every gardener’s personal style.

Why Plant with us?

Container gardening is becoming a new garden trend. Where one day, not so long ago, we used only Petunias, Geraniums, and Dracaenas we now plant with a broad selection from Proven Winners to succulents, grasses, and cannas. Truly, the only limit is our imagination. We create living art for you to enjoy throughout the season.
At Country Blooms we create garden art in containers that will withstand the harsh reality of Southern Alberta climates. Country Blooms planted baskets are well known for their quality and size. Once they depart from our garden centre our caring does not stop. We empower our customers with the knowledge and tender loving care our hangers and containers love to serve your garden well.
For special occasions, or a particular spot in your yard that you have your eye on “renovating”, or if you simply demand quality and would like Country Blooms to personalize a container (Custom Planting) for your garden, we are up to the challenge. We track every step that went into creating your masterpiece, and can replicate it year after year. We encourage you to stay in touch so that your container success will translate into many more years of success.


Country Blooms is open as of March 1 2021 for our 15th season!


Thank you for your growing support!


Country Blooms will be opening to the public on Monday, March 1 at 9am. Our shopping hours will be Monday through Saturday 9-4.30pm.

For your safety and the safety of our staff, please observe the following:

Thank you for your cooperation and we appreciate your support and patience as we try to make your gardening experience as pleasant as possible. We are aiming to provide you with a safe and inspiring greenhouse experience.

Please also be aware of the following: